Friday, January 12, 2007

Fan witnesses England WAG debacle?

The UK media has, of course, made many smile with those stories related to forwarded emails getting out of hand which have then circulated the City. For the sender, I can't imagine how it must feel at work with sniggering colleagues.

One such email popped into my inbox today, although the sender has no reason to worry. In a diary-type email sent to Simon Barnes, The Times journalist, a Stephen Rodney witnessed the England players going about their routine at the team hotel before the Perth Test (the one where they relinquished the Ashes). He basically outlines his horror at the entourage of wives, girlfriends and baby talk at the breakfast table before the team were buried 3-0.

We all know about the WAGs and the 90-odd personnel on tour, but the email reads true all the same, even if it is all lies. Anyway, my continued jetlag has given me little thought to care!
Read the email here.