Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Boon and baggage handlers

The long flight back to the UK at least gave me something to look forward to. My wife had put eggs and milk in the fridge and I was ready to return in time to catch the Twenty20 game in Sydney.
Baggage handlers at Heathrow apparently couldn't keep up with the influx of flights at 6am and two hours of waiting has left me in tatters. Six weeks Down Under made me forget (thanks Shiraz, Cab Savs and VB) my total dissociation with British airports and all the other frailties my country possesses when it comes to serving its public.
Perhaps this is the reason why former Tasmanian David Boon sunk 52 beers from Sydney to London back in '89: get comatosed, wake up in a swish hotel and a memory blank on the three hours it probably took the team to get out of the airport. Okay, that was a theory but Boonie's real aim was to beat the previous efforts from past players. Read the Weekend Australian's account here.
Anyway, that's the Ashes trip over for me and thanks for all your comments over the weeks. Tiredness is creeping in but it's not over for the year round Nutley to Nagpur as it starts the countdown to the Caribbean and hopefully a new and improved website.