Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ending on a b@ll@cks

One joy of this Ashes series has been the co-commentating of ABC Radio's Kerry O'Keefe and Jonathan Agnew. O'Keefe has gently mocked his colleague's Englishness this summer, while Aggers's own use of English would surely have got him sacked from the BBC if he had kept to his word during one afternoon at the Sydney Test.

The pair had got onto the subject of "bollocks" with Aggers announcing that if he had uttered the word on the BBC he would have landed in big trouble. O'Keefe remarked that he could happily talk bollocks all day on ABC. Aggers then suggested that he might end his last session "with a big" bollocks, just so he could get it out on the Australian airwaves. In hindsight, Aggers would have aptly summed up England's 5-0 defeat.

In Australia, "bollocks" means absurd or an absurdity while "bollock naked" is naval slang for spaghetti bolognese.
There's none of the above when it comes to Nasser Hussain. There's a fifth Ashes podcast up, where Nasser talks on the series defeat, the retirees and the one-day jamboree. Listen to it here.