Monday, February 27, 2006

Cricket crazy

As if they didn't have enough to get their teeth into with all the political wranglings in Indian cricket, the Indian media have now taken to savaging the live coverage of cricket on domestic radio.

Sunday night's popular 'Cricket Controversies' on ND-TV was this week titled 'Why is cricket coverage so sub-standard on Indian radio?' (Brian Johnston will be looking down aghast). The show featured the acclaimed broadcaster and journalist Harsha Bhogle, who actually made his name on state-run radio.

The heated debate lived up to its title with one guest star getting rather carried away and demanding that cricket 'must be taken off the air in the new India'.

The night at least finished on a more relaxed note when a local Mumbai radio DJ suggested that coverage of the game should be more laidback. To make his point, he did three impersonations: a squeaky Sachin, an angry Sourav Ganguly and, most bizarrely of all, a rather Indian-sounding Geoffrey Boycott!