Friday, June 02, 2006

Monty's specs

One of the themes of the summer so far has been Monty Panesar's hapless fielding. The England spinner has been cheered and jeered in equal measure for his unerring ability to fumble the ball every time it heads in his direction.

But those who delight in Panesar's problems may soon be forced to look elsewhere for amusement - because the spinner's Northants physio Barry Goudriaan reckons he has found the solution.

No, not 24-hour fielding practice - Goudriaan reckons the problem was simply that Panesar was wearing the wrong contact lenses. He was issued with a new prescription after the Lord's Test and now, three weeks later, his eyes should be fully adjusted to the change of lens.

Nobok is keeping a close eye on Panesar to see whether the new lenses really do the trick. He did ok on the rare occasions he was needed in the first session of the day, but we'll keep you updated on whether this was a flash in the pan or not...