Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ashes urns Aussies chance

"Aww, look mate, you might as well not bother taking it home"..."Don't go dropping the Ashes now, Freddie".

These are just a few of the likely brash Aussie comments following the news that the Ashes urn will form the centrepiece of a 94-day exhibition around Australia, starting on 21 October.

It will be only the third time that the urn has left cricket headquarters; it had previously disappointed the Aussie cricket fraternity four years ago when the poor thing had to undergo an x-ray prior to departure (feeble MCC excuse that one).

However the MCC have obviously put one over exhibition sponsors Travelex, who themselves may not have thought through the real tour itinerary or the lay of the land of its company's birthplace ... If Australia do manage to retain the Ashes then the media jokes would be far harder to take if the last museum stop had been Sydney, home of the last Test: the exhibition actually finishes Melbourne.

Any more likely Aussie comments out there?