Friday, October 27, 2006

Big Apple for India, Australia?

Are there too many ODIs played in the ICC's current schedule? What credibility the shorter game has is certainly curtailed when the likes of India and Pakistan start to play five-match series on a regular basis.

But the news that the Big Apple has been cited for the Indian cricket team to play a series of ODIs is an exciting one for the thousands of Indian ex-pats who now live in New York.

Read the exclusive piece here at Cricket World. What do you think? (UPDATE: link broken, go here instead)

As much as I feel the Champions Trophy a waste of time, I'm all for new venues being opened up in non-Test playing nations and the odd ICC-sanctioned ODI being played (take the recent DLF Cup in Kuala Lumpur). South America has a seemingly thriving cricket scene, European cricket is becoming increasingly popular and as much as the administration in America is frustrating, potential is there for further development in the game.

New York has always struck me as a great venue to play cricket. Word has it that many businessmen have tried to lure international teams there in the past, although the only real cricket of any substance to date has been the now-defunct Pro Cricket league a few years ago.