Friday, October 20, 2006

Bodyline goes big-budget

At last! Soon, my Hindi copy of Lagaan might not be the only cricket-related DVD in my collection.

According to the Herald Sun, a search is under way to find an actor to play Don Bradman in a big-budget version of the infamous 1932/33 Bodyline series. Former Aussie Test stars will be hired to help out in perfecting the resulting actor's Don-like technique. Russell Crowe has been touted to play Australian skipper Bill Woodfull, while ex-Neighbours hottie Holly Valance will play Bradman's wife and no doubt use her own bodyline for box office appeal.

'The Bloody Ashes' is being produced by Matthew Vaughn, who was behind the smash hit Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Expect plenty of slow-motion beamers, Vinnie Jones sledging at first slip and The Guv'nor chomping on fat cigars from the MCG member seats.

To get the authentic brylcreem look, I also expect the English team to be fronted up by Toby Stephens and Damian Lewis, with Colin Firth as team manager or all-rounder depending on how much weight he loses for the part.