Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who to drop from England 'dream' XI?

Freddie Flintoff's 100th ODI match against India raised an interesting 12-man team of capped England centurions in the shorter game. I haven't really put that much thought into it as it's only ODI's and England are suspect anyway, but here goes. Actual capped matches are in brackets:
1. Trescothick (123)
2. Gooch (125) C
3. Knight (100)
4. Lamb (122)
5. Botham (116)
6. Hick (120)
7. Collingwood (101)
8. Flintoff (100)
9. Stewart (170) W-k
10. DeFreitas (103)
11. Gough (158)
ICC's defunct, silly super-sub: Gower (114)
It's actually quite hard to get the balance. Is Flintoff batting too low? Should Gower be left out, although Hick can add some spin? Is Gooch the right captain? Does the top-order work? Will anyone ever get to 200 caps like most other int'l teams? What do you think?