Saturday, November 25, 2006

Brisbane blues

Several England batsmen are going to have to score some big runs to deny Australia an emphatic first Test victory, with two days left.

I won't be posting for a few days as off to Australia in the morning. I was rueing the decision to fly during the Test but it's not so bad now. In the meantime do leave messages below on your thoughts from the Brisbane Test; maybe there will be some Ashes salvation when I find out the outcome of the game on Monday?

In the meantime, a couple of Aussie links have been sent my way. Firstly, ballooning over Brisbane (possibly to spot Harmy's wayward deliveries) is apparently a great way to see the city and watch Barmy Army regulars stumbling back to their city hotels.

Secondly, an Aussie blog worth checking out here, event though the strapline suggests it being "Virutally (sic) unintelligible to non-Australians". See you in a few days!