Friday, November 03, 2006

Brisbane or Bus-t

Lacking tickets for the Ashes series? Can you pass off a Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson impression? The Brits somehow always manage to blag their way into sporting events, but this could top them all.

The Fanatics, Australia's equivalent to the Barmy Army, are giving 6-10 supporters the chance to earn their place on a specially-prepared Tour of Duty bus (above) for the entire Ashes trip. Only thing is, you have to be Australian.

The Fanatics website will next week release details on how to get on the bus, but in the meantime here's what you could be enjoying for the next two months according to their site:

" to the matches, some semi-cool Fanatics gear, token BBQ dinners, a few cold ones, the time of your life & hopefully a barn to sleep in on the way. We have radio, newspapers & tv stations lined up so it will be massive."