Thursday, November 09, 2006

He said what?

So what's your view on Ashes predictions from former players? Great for a quote as well as column inches, the series result is usually wrong (impassioned ex-England cricketers) while their player to watch has slumped in form.

However, every so often there comes a prediction from one former player with the opposition media gunning for reaction. So when former skipper Mike Gatting informed the world in 2003 that Australia were on the wane, with England a sure bet for a win the next time they toured Down Under (this series), it caused near quote heaven Down Under.

Plucked from the echelons of my favourites, I came across this link from the Sydney Morning Herald, written on the back of Gatt's column in The Observer. With views from most of the big guns, it is just a surprise that the incident did not make parliament, a theme highlighted by Patrick in Line and Length yesterday.

I suppose the debate will have to be finished on the pitch when the Legends Twenty20 match takes place in Perth next month.