Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday semi round-up

England have yet to get a grip of themselves Down Under (what Freddie must be thinking as captain?), but at least the media have found some salvation in the form of Ian Bell and his growing confidence as a batsman.

The shorter game, of course, still eludes England. The really limited overs game saw England caught out as well as Dominic Cork's men were soundly thrashed in the Hong Kong Sixes yesterday... by the hosts.

If you are travelling to the Caribbean, I would take the Independent's advice and check out some of the sites of St Lucia over what could be some dour cricket played by England at the Beausejour Stadium.

News reaches Nutley of a leaked ICC document which sounded out Darrell Hair as the governing body's second best umpire before his controversial sacking.

Meanwhile, take a look at what England's movements will be this week, courtesy of Scyld Berry in the Sunday Telegraph.