Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lucia's finest

So the West Indies didn't exactly get off to the start they wanted in the Super 8s.
Every bar I have passed here in Barbados has been blaring out local radio phone-ins and discussions on the performances from their team. Brian Lara to bat up the order? The inclusion of Dwayne Smith? Give credit to Corey Collymore's bowling?
How they could do with the might of Nadine George. Nadine was the first West Indian to score a ton for the national women's team. She's also in the St Lucian Marine Unit and masters an 80-foot coastal vessel, patrolling the seas on search and rescue missions as well as tracking down drug traffickers. She's an amazing woman and not to be messed with: she's made bowlers cry in the middle; she wields a machine gun in her day job; she's got an MBE. I tentatively tracked her down in St Lucia before she adjudicated the England-Kenya man-of-the-match award.
You can listen to the interview in Podcast 7. Click here for more.