Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blog exclusive: Lara kidnapped

Pah! Not quite - but in hindsight it might actually do some good for the West Indies team if Brian Lara went missing. Ramnaresh Sarwan's fresh approach to captaincy could be a start at least, as Caribbean cricket looks to begin a massive overhaul of its approach to the game.
Anyway, the Barbados coast guard's counter-terrorism unit was called to sea yesterday as (simulated) kidnappers attempted its daring bid to snatch Lara from either a casino, a St Lawrence Gap club, his luxurious property or the golf course.
"And within 30 minutes, at least seven perpetrators were held, some falling victim to the assault team's semi-automatic gunfire while others were badly wounded. The good news, however, was that the Special Operations Group had achieved their goal – rescuing an unharmed Lara."
I wonder what they would ransom now he's set to play his last few matches?