Sunday, April 22, 2007

Colombo calling

Sri Lankan legends will be phoning Jamaica on Monday for a good luck conference call before their semi-final clash the following day.
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I had a quick think and couldn't come up with any other country other than Sri Lanka who could muster a bunch of legends in a room to phone up select members of a current squad.
Imagine Beefy, Athers, Nasser, Gooch, Gatt, Gower and Lamby in one room ready to phone Michael Vaughan's hotel room on the eve of a big game. It'd be mayhem as Beefy would no doubt take control to talk about changing the batting line-up. In Australia, it might be a little different as Border, Matthews, Alderman and Boon would be thinking if there would be any point as Ricky's men are going to win anyway.
Yup, I can just hear the sound of Aravinda and Arjuna giving some warm good-lucks down the phone from Colombo to Mahela Jayawardene and Co.