Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Top 10 of a different sort

Here is a random Top 10 over the last six weeks in the Caribbean:
1. Why do you see non-finished houses from the outside every so often? Cunning Bajans dodging property tax that's why.
2. The only living National Hero is Garry Sobers. His time playing for Barbados police still warrants a salute whenever a copper is in the presence of the great all-rounder.
3. Seeing Umpire Bucknor get off the cheap run-around mini-buses in Bridgetown, pay the driver and walk into the Kensington Oval to survey the ground. One cool Jamaican.
4. Ian Chappell's comments on the ICC: "As I've said before, they've got a hotel under the sea there and a ski resort in the desert. It's too far away from reality."
5. The ironic moment when the ICC advertising boarding nearly engulfed CEO Malcolm Speed was quite funny.
6. When you walk into a rum shack, be prepared for a "good night". I felt like getting out quick when this was said, but in fact it's just the Bajan "good evening".
7. Pakistan v Ireland and we're in a taxi. Our driver gets an instant cricket update text message and relays "very surprisin' developments takin' place in Jamaica..." We knew we were in the Caribbean then.
8. Interviewing music legend Eddy Grant.
9. Witnessing the Bajan Guiness Book of Records and how the main attraction couldn't make it. The 12'' pizza eating holder had trouble firing up his ovens (he owns 12 outlets on the island!) that morning and so had to cancel.
10. Glenn McGrath gets a wicket with his penultimate ball of his spell. When he fails with his last ever international delivery he kicks the ground in customary fashion and curses to himself. And there sums up the brilliance...