Friday, June 29, 2007

A day of Trotts

It really was a day of Trotts for me yesterday: Trott this, Trott that. Let me divulge.

I was working in the Lord's media centre yesterday. During my brief spell up there seven tour groups came through, where the old boys on guide duty talked tourists through the history of the media centre, the eight foot sloping turf and how no one has yet hit the media's glass window (which can withstand a 75mph bludgeon).

It was interesting stuff, each guide mixing and matching their speel but always including one story. Namely Albert Trott, an Australian, who is still the only player to have soared a cricket ball over the famous pavilion when he achieved the feat in 1899. The guides also had a nugget to throw the tourists yesterday as a relation of Albert was going to be playing for England that night. Namely Jonathan Trott, a South African, who came to Warwickshire to further his cricket career and is a family relative.