Friday, June 01, 2007

Dizzy gets into bed for PR

"I need my sleep after a hard days bowling and on this bed I get it." I always love reading sportsmen's one-liners when they front a PR campaign. The latest one to catch the Nutley's eye is Australia and Yorkshire's Jason Gillespie who has gone right up there with Ian Botham's Shredded Wheat quotes to support a leading bed company. Below this wonderful PR photo is an equally amusing press release in full.It's official! Active people would rather sleep in a Sealy bed than any other bed brand.Research conducted by the world's leading bed manufacturer found that the type of people that buy its products are more likely to be the type of person that leaps out of bed every morning than the type that lies in 'til noon.

The research categorised consumers according to how they viewed sleep. The categories included The Science of Sleepers, Functional Sleep Lovers, Premium Bed Lovers, Affordable Style Seekers, Uber Premium Comfort and No Nonsense.

Most of Sealy's customers fall into the Science of Sleep category, includingYorkshire County Cricketer and Australian Test Cricketer, Jason Gillespie, who recently took delivery of a Sealy Mirrorform bed and commented: "I need my sleep after a hard days bowling and on this bed I get it."