Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I've seen this before

For all England supporters who know the situation. Insert/pick your England captain then... England are batting second, they have a whole day to stave off defeat. Three wickets fall before a partnership is formed and paying supporters dream of a great escape. All the hard work is undone by one lapse in concentration and the team crumbles, losing three wickets in next to no time.

That's pretty much how it ended up today in Kandy. It's just a shame that England couldn't hold on. After all, they thwarted Murali's attempts on recording his 21st ten-match haul while the top-order all got out to seam bowling.

On the face of it, England's performace today mirrored many second innings cards. Take England's series in Pakistan in 2005 which I remember had similar tones... Do you remember any other notable matches of this calibre?