Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bombay bites

I hear a couple of tigers were recently spotted at the famous reserve north of Nagpur. Well, I could have done with the same trackers in Mumbai over the last few days when I tried to get near our Beefy.

Harder to spot than a Shoaib Akhtar delivery, England's former all-rounder has been sighted in a helicopter (going south of Mumbai to India's new resort complex Amby Valley) and then on a boat, on his way to lunch at Ravi Shastri's joint the other side of town.

However, he might be easier to spot during the Ashes this winter. Beefy is continuing his efforts for charity by walking from Melbourne to Adelaide (Boxing Day to Australia Day) with fellow cricketing greats Allan Border and Dean Jones.


After interviewing Athers in front of the Gateway of India with a fantastic evening light, a young Indian came up to us and said a memorable one-liner: "Hello sirs, I just have to tell you that I have an unbelievable, 24/7 crazy diet for cricket."


If the constant noise of the city doesn't get to the hardiest of country folk, then breakfast at The Ambassador Hotel will. Meandering into breakfast, you are confronted with the sounds of furious Techno beats as you try and remember your room number.


It's Bombay Test week and as well as society gossip columnists, former Indian greats are also in town. Nobok Legend Farokh Engineer is one who still commands much attention from cricket fans - even during an interview. Farokh looked up in disbelief as a middle-aged man thrust his hand out with the camera rolling. After telling him that the camera really wasn't a garden plant he responded: "Ah well, it's still good for an old man's ego."

Rod Gilmour in Mumbai