Thursday, March 16, 2006

Trouble looms for Punter

No, it's not Ricky Ponting accepting bribes to throw the Greatest ODI ever.

An update reaches Diary of the British National who gained media accreditation to place bets from the comfort of the Press Box (13 March).

Having been ejected from the PCA Stadium over the weekend, the Oxford graduate-turned professional gambler Rajeev Mulchandani has been taken into Punjab police custody.

He returned to his city hotel in Chandigarh after being escorted from the ground, but obviously didn't use the 24 hours or so any other sensible person would have done to get on the first flight out of the state.

On Monday, Mulchandani got into an argument when he questioned his room bill at the government-run Shivalik View. However, Police were already on the scene, after questions were raised as to why local cricket officials didn't hand him over to the law in the first place. So he's in for a few more rough nights. He's already had his fair share; the beds are like concrete at the Shivalik View.


Holi, the Hindu festival of colour, has been celebrated across India, bringing to a grinding halt the buzzing chaos of Mumbai.

It marks the arrival of spring - although you wouldn't have believed it if the high temperatures here are anything to go by.

Indians celebrate Holi with real vigour and passion by throwing coloured powders and water balloons at each other in each city's streets before exchanging greetings.

Rod Gilmour in Mumbai