Thursday, July 20, 2006

The tale of two Dulka's

A few years ago a house went on sale in Dulka Road, in South London, close to where I am living.

The owner of number 10, Tom Gueterbock, had his change of address cards adorned with an image of the Little Master Sachin Tendulkar thanks to the familiar sounding name of his house number and street name.

Once he was settled it became something of a running joke for his mates to say: "We're going round Sachin's for dinner". Gueterbock even phoned up Wisden to gain some PR when it came to selling the house and subsequently there was massive interest from Indian ex-pats living in London.

This cute little story is contrasted with recent misgivings in the world of cricket blogs. Will Luke, a staffer with Cricinfo, has had to change the name of his blog from 'The Corridor of Uncertainty' to plain old 'The Corridor (a cricket blog)' after the owner of the trademarked former title, Andy Clark, got his lawyers onto him.