Thursday, October 05, 2006

Col Sanders to the rescue

Chris Gayle may be hitting form with the bat, but it is metaphors with the ball which could make for healthy (or unhealthy) reading over the coming Champions Trophy games.

If you thought waking up after an all-nighter on the sofa with a KFC family-sized bucket beside you was bad enough, spare a thought for Gayle, the spinner, if he turns in some 'finger lickin'' performances.

News reaches Nutley that KFC, the world's largest chain of chicken restaurants, have stepped in to replace Digicel as the team's sponsor thanks to the ICC's strict marketing rules during the tournament.

The US company, who also sponsor a Caribbean tournament, have gone on promotional overdrive as well. 50 lucky Indian winners will be given the chance to dine with Brian Lara et al. No doubt Lara will be regaling his quotes from earlier this week: "Very early in life, we tell our fathers that we want to play cricket for the West Indies, and the next thing we want is a box of KFC chicken."

Team-sized mega buckets at the ready.