Saturday, December 02, 2006

Adelaide's own BMW

BMW's have all the luck. A recent survey suggests that its drivers have more sex than owners of any other cars and are much more active than Porsche drivers. (I don't know any myself so unsure of this statistic). Anyway, Nutley's point is aimed at another piece of BMW luck.

BMW is Botham, Merrill, Willis - the wine brand set up by two former English cricketers and a South Australian wine producer. Their wines have been around for a few years now, even though Botham met Geoff Merrill at the Adelaide Oval twenty years ago. There is a great line on how the brand was set up from humourist Bob Willis (who may have spilt some of his own stuff on his jumper) in an interview here. "They [Adelaide] have two beers there called West End Draught and Southwark Premium. I referred to this Southwark Premium as 'weasel's piss', and then this voice said: 'Don't like our beer? Then you'd better try our wine.' And that was Geoff."