Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nutley bits

Adelaide has already thrown up some memorable moments - if you're an English fan - so let's go over to the Ashes Blog for some classic backyard re-enactments from key moments of the second Test. I originally thought they did this to bypass image copyrights from the big boys like Getty Images, but now I just think it was just a good idea from a bunch of mates. And click here for their take on last summer's epic.
Ashes Tickets have long been snapped but fans can still get their hands on some - if they smash their favourite item. In a classic Australian competition, my favourite radio station of the moment, Triple M, is urging fans to bring along their most prized possession for some radio producer to break, rip or smash up. Judging by some of the items pictured in this link, fans are clearly digging any old item out of their garages.