Friday, December 15, 2006

All tied up

England's cricket today was how WACA president Dennis Lillee (right) views the tie policy on its club's members: lose it if you want.

The relaxed, former Aussie paceman would have been content with his side's tight bowling, but the tourists simply gave their wickets away - 10 caught dismissals on the scorecard told the story. And if Kevin Pietersen had merely stroked Brett Lee for a fifth ball single rather than get you-know-how'd at long-off then we wouldn't have had to witness another of England's classic last-wicket partnerships to squeeze them past 200.

As it is, Freddie Flintoff's grasp on the urn is sliding quicker than the grease on my +30 factor legs after a day in the Perth sun.

On a brighter note, the expats in the Netherlands seem to be enjoying themselves as this amusing news feature on YouTube clip shows. Not sure about the film thriller background music though. Anyway, as a Dutch-sledging cricketer might say... mind the windowssh Tino!