Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gilly puts on Viv show

So many runs were being churned out on day three here that it was a total surprise that Adam Gilchrist was even nearing the Viv Richards record.
A friend, Chris, and I looked round at each other as we overheard a drunk Aussie relay the details from his phone: Gilchrist needed four balls (I immediately gesticulated over the top banter) to beat King Viv's fastest Test century. We couldn't believe it. "But didn't Viv get his in 50-odd balls?" my mate reposted in a tone suggesting that he couldn't possibly be right.
Looking back now, drained after a pummelling day for England and for fans caught out by the ferocity of today's heat, it was an innings of pure brilliance. Those 24 runs in one over off Monty Panesar were breathtaking. Gilchrist's footwork was majestic, the way he moved effortlessly for those sixes with his backfoot moving like a Bolshoi dancer was great to watch.
My mate's gone back home now. He's seen 26 wickets and close to 1,000 runs in three days. Only thing now is for Geraint Jones to score a double hundred, but not until you get in on Monday please.