Monday, December 18, 2006

Golden Globe for Warne

Another memorable day's cricket. Ali Cook's century, Glenn McGrath's penultimate over and Shane Warne's histrionics the highlights.
He is a legendary bowler, but Warne must be stopped in his tracks when it comes to excessive appealing and the subsequent theatre he puts on in his disappointment when no finger goes up. On too many occasions Warne spun round looking for the decision to go his way, only to stay half-way down the track, shaking his head, hands on hips and bemused within himself that the batsman wasn't half-way back to the pavilion.
It's the Warne ploy, of course, to pressure the batsman but shouldn't match referee Jeff Crowe step in? The umpire would never rise to it, although Warne and Rudi Koertzen, standing at Warne's end for his long spell, at one point looked to be joining in on the fun when his body language suggested that one of Warne's deliveries was a particularly juicy one.