Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wrong clowns, Greg!

Two England innings now of complete ineptitude (230 off 72 overs) hasn't even resulted in what Australia would consider a decent 50-over total.
At least it gives me space to link in two stories which didn't make this week's blogging.
Firstly, Greg Blewett was fined AUS$1000 this week after he recently called the state selectors "clowns" on an Adelaide radio station. Apparently he breached Cricket Australia's code of behaviour ruling after he referred to the region's state selectors as "basically volunteers". I'm just thinking whether Blewett might have got away with it if he had said he was actually referring to England as "clowns".
At least the hapless tourists are not the only team to suffer in world cricket. Check out the start of Mumbai's second innings score in their game against Baroda this week. Five ducks might even make Duncan Fletcher sleep easier if he knew about it.