Sunday, February 11, 2007

England back on the radar

Nevermind the cricket, the tension this morning happened off the pitch.
Listening to TMS with a hangover as Arlo and Co attempted to decipher the D/L method and the various other scenarios for England to end their tour on a high was, at times, unbearable.
I've never known so much importance on the 22 balls England needed to bowl to constitute a game. As the team management, commentators and ground staff huddled over their various monitors, checking out weather radar patterns like this one, it also meant a whole deal to Freddie Flintoff.
If the rains had come any earlier, England and Australia would have headed to Adelaide and yet more days Down Under. Instead, England's flight will be an extremely happy one; the dressing-room pictures in Sydney proving that. An amazing ODI series trophy is now in their hands, quelling the memories of the Ashes disaster.