Sunday, February 04, 2007

Livin' on a prayer

According to this blog site, a special World Cup Day of Prayer will take place this Sunday.
Whether island parishes will be praying for a logistical nightmare-free tournament and for all stadia to be finished on time is not yet known, but it will mark less than a month until the Opening Ceremony, although by all accounts much of the building work and new hotels have been completed.
While we're on the subject of churches and the Caribbean, I recall an anecdote that a tour manager for Gullivers Sports told me in India last year.
I was interviewing him about tour highlights and his favourite one concerning Steve Harmison's 7 for 12 in Jamaica a few years ago. He had dropped off a few clients at the local church where there was a morning service. It soon became apparent that the pastor was listening to the cricket as he kept checking up the score on his radio. Just as he was about to start his sermon he told the congregation that GBH was going through the West Indies and that the English contingent should get down to the ground sharpish. They duly obliged.