Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Model cricketers and the WAG

During the phenomenon of the 2005 Ashes, cricketers weren't just searched on Google for results on their stats and comments.

Players like Kevin Pietersen and Simon Jones became the heartthrobs of many an English rose thanks to that summer's euphoria for all things cricket and Google images proved popular, as did a KP thread on The Corridor's blog, which to this day must be (I'm guessing) one of the most commented cricket posts ever.

Since then, Jones has proved his worth on the catwalk and one friend in the world of fashion even tells me that cricketers prove worthwhile models, mainly because of cricket's perception or, more likely, less bling orientated than their footballing counterparts.

To get to the point, The Nutley is on the look out for any (aspiring) female writers out there, as this blog is hopefully moving to a new-look website in time for the World Cup and its content builds up. So anyone with an interest in profiling cricketers (with fashion/style in mind) please get in contact, using the email on this link.

**In the meantime, the Australian squad's WAGS were out in force this week, with the Aussie media going into a small frenzy at Michael Clarke's girlfriend.