Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A bubbly post

The sport sub-editor's job at the Worcester News has just been made easier today with the news that Doug Bollinger, a New South Wales bowler, has signed for the New Road outfit.
Already the Press Association has headlined the Worcestershire signing with "Bollinger aims to sparkle" (his surname is after all associated with an expensive champagne).
And Nutley's ability to somehow link a cricket story with an anecdote has reared its head for a second time this week. Around 10 years ago I went to Zimbabwe with some mates and after conquering the Victoria Falls bungy jump, we sank a lot of beers that evening: the bottle we were drinking of course being called Bollinger. We also had a great laugh in catching the attention of our hapless barman in shouting: "Another 5 bottles of Bollinger when you're ready please!"
Happy days and, oh, well done England on somehow reaching the CB Finals.