Monday, March 26, 2007

Black tape and bottle tops

I finished some work at an empty Beausejour Cricket Ground yesterday and discovered an initiative which must have riled a few people.
The previous day I was in the broadcast loos when I noticed a strip of black tape hiding the manufacturer of the urinal. It was black tape here, black tape there from then on. Strips of the stuff were hiding the name of the soap dispenser, the taps and then the hand-dryer. This wasn't the island's way of remembering the tragic loss of Bob Woolmer either. These were exceptional depths to keep the ICC's major sponsors as the only company names you should install in your brain on match days. (note: photos to come on this one). And yesterday I discovered that Rushmans, the accreditation events company, had to put hundreds of strips over fax machines, phones, pcs and flatscreens in the media centre, while the local organising committee had to do the same within the ground.
On another note, the Nutley and friends were highly bemused by the following tannoy announcement during the England-Kenya game. The crowd had obviously not learnt from previous games as he announced (with barely two hours to go in the last group game) that plastic bottles should not "in any way" have their caps on. "You are in breach of ticket conditions if you continue to do so," he continued. "Patrons are advised against this and will be removed from the ground..."
So perhaps it is ironic that the range of ICC World Cup sunhats include a camouflage one (as modelled by fan in the picture). What's the phrase again? Ambush marketing?
*Read Patrick Kidd's comment piece on the subject