Monday, March 26, 2007

Gravy, Gibbs and gratitude

Real Caribbean style this one.
Tomorrow's clash between West Indies and Australia will not only mark the opening of the Super 8s but also Antigua's new ground. The island has declared the day a public holiday so we should finally see a full house for the first time in this World Cup. Will we also see the return of Gravy, one of Caribbean cricket's legendary personalities and the West Indies' biggest fan. He officially 'retired' from his shenanigans in 2000 during England's tour. Didn't he also wear a wedding outfit on his lap of honour?
In keeping with World Cup generosity on other islands, St Kitts&Nevis has awarded honorary citizenship to Matthew Hayden and Herschelle Gibbs following their group stage antics. Gibbs, however, got a slightly better gift thanks to his six sixes. He was given $6,666 plus a holiday for two while Hayden just got the holiday. I suppose he could have been given $100 or even $10,000, but then he would have outshone the South African big-hitter.