Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Leverock weighs in

As The Nutley predicted last April, Dwayne Leverock made his big entrance during Bermuda's warm-up game against England on Monday.

A couple of wickets was enough to get the excited English press corps scrambling for information about the 19-stone policeman, while the Bermuda Sun's James Whittaker has his take on 'Sluggo's' effort.

Last April I witnessed the Legends Classic in Bermuda where Gus Logie's men took on the over-35's from England and New Zealand etc.

It was clear that Bermuda had someway to go but Leverock was one player who stood out as world-class player.

Already we have seen that the minnows look way short in the batting department and Logie must have been looking on in disbelief at the way his batsmen subsided on Monday.

Oh well, a couple of big knocks from one or two players is still possible in this World Cup.