Sunday, April 01, 2007

What happens now?

Oh how I wanted the West Indies to chase down 303 against Sri Lanka.

I really did hope they would manage it; for the World Cup's sake and to lift the depressive tendencies my hotel reception girls apply when the Windies lose games.

So the days are ticking down to the Barbados Super 8 games. The Kensington Oval looks a picture and there should at least be a series of well-attended games here.

But there will be a couple of things missing. Notably, India v Pakistan. I've yet to post anything on the demise (a sad one in Pakistan's case) of these two teams.

So what are your views? Does it really take an Indian TV show, Cricket Star, to find the next talent in this vast country? Is Ian Chappell right when he says Sachin Tendulkar should retire? Personally, I thought India would go well in the Caribbean. They had played a year schedule whereby they were unlikely to be fatigued by the time of the World Cup and looked a settled side. But playing away from home obviously plays havoc with their talent in India's case.

Post your thoughts below and keep posted over the coming week as the Nutley paints a picture on how Barbados is preparing for the games.