Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hair today

If Warney thought he might get a quiet summer with Hampshire before the Ashes campaign, he has been sorely mistaken. Nobok's No.2 cricket legend has been in the news again, but this time for his hair-loss treatment ads, which were found to be in breach of British advertising industry rules.

The Hampshire skipper's image appeared beneath a headline reading: "Advanced Hair, Yeah, Yeah!", followed by the phrase: "Warnie, Warnie, Warnie." The 36-year-old was quoted as saying: "I've been hearing it for years but to me I've always taken it as a warning. And that warning was that if I didn't do something about my hair loss they may well have been chanting 'Baldy'!" However, the standards watchdog concluded that the ads had over-used the rules against celebrity endorsement.