Thursday, February 15, 2007

Straight from the Herts

The Nutley is not all about international cricket postings: today we hear a couple of stories from English cricket's domestic scene.
Hertfordshire is usually a peaceful county north of London. However, two clubs, Radlett and Shenley, have been in the news recently.
Radlett, a Home Counties premier division side, have been accused by opposing teams of paying its players. Although the rules stipulate that this is not illegal, the club have responded by saying that one Herts club is "openly trying to buy success with a special fund." A Chelsea-type story in a sleepy part of Hertfordshire.
It certainly isn't easy to sleep for some residents down the road in Shenley. The village is home to one of English cricket's prettiest grounds (pictured) but residents have complained as to the noise generated from its permanent marquee, when the club hosts after-match parties.